How To Enable ” Search By Seller ” Filter in Flipkart- Easiest Way!

Flipkart being one of the biggest e-commerce giants in India comes up to its users with a wide rage of customization on product search.There is a hell lot of things you can filter out to make your search for some particular product more precise.But we customers have always felt a lack of an important feature- the “Search By Seller”
Ever got a Flipkart gift card? If you did,you would probably know the hectic course you go through to find a product sold by WS Retail to use your voucher (coz thats the only seller accepting the gift cards)
Flipkart,as of now,has yet not came with an option to filter the product search with seller but Bunny is here with a way to do the task 🙂
How To Enable " Search By Seller " Filter in Flipkart- Easiest Way!
How To Enable ” Search By Seller ” Filter in Flipkart- Easiest Way!
NOTE: It is not any official customization offered by Flipkart

This works ONLY on Google Chrome Browser

Step#1) Download this extension –

Step#2) Install and enable the extension on Chrome (If you are a noob, Click here to know how)

Step#3)After installing and enabling the extension,now head on to Flipkart and try a product search.Then enter your preferred Seller name in the ‘Seller Filter’
Here Bunny searched for Mobiles and check out the “Search By Seller” Filter appearing 🙂 Then he entered WS Retail in the box


Step#4) After entering the seller name,hit on the “Filter” button.And then withing a minute,all the products on that page sold by your preferred seller will be highlighted 🙂


So that’s how easy it is.This way you can easily find products to use your Flipkart gift cards by putting WS Retail in the filter box 🙂 Please note that this extension is not any official Chrome extension,rather it has been developed by some private Devs to ease out your shopping experience with Flipkart

Thanks for reading the article on “How To Enable ” Search by seller ” Filter in Flipkart- Easiest Way!” and hope this trick helps you 🙂 Keep Visiting HowToBunny for more cool updates.Good day!

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