Simple Trick to Increase USB Transfer Rate

Today I am back with a simple and very useful trick, that is, How To Increase USB Transfer Rate by More than 2 Times.

Simple Trick to Increase USB Transfer Rate
Simple Trick to Increase USB Transfer Rate

This is an era of Computer Geeks. Every person prefers to do his/her projects, assignments etc. on Computer , transfer them to USB and presenting them at respective places. Or may be not the projects only, but we also get softwares, games etc. from our friends with the help of USB. But, What if the USB transfer rate/speed is very slow..??

The Answer is, we gonna face much problems because it is not necessary that every time our projects would size few MBs only. It may exceed upto GBs sometimes. We may face the problems while office presentations or may our system got hanged while presenting our project, then we would be bullied over months in our offices due to a single silly problem and our reputation may also decrease in front of our seniors…..

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So here’s a trick I discovered to speed up the USB transfer speed.


  • Open My Co
  • mputer >> Right Click USB >> Properties
  • Simple Trick to Increase USB Transfer Rate
    Simple Trick to Increase USB Transfer Rate

  • Then on the Hardware tab select the connected USB >> Properties >> Policies.


  • Now select “Optimize for Performance” option instead of  “Optimize for Quick Removal”.
  • Format the USB with NTFS System.
  • Done.

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So, this was trick that I had discovered to help you Increase USB transfer rate/speed. If you face any problem Increasing USB transfer rate, feel free to comment below.

I would like to know your views about the trick in the comments below.

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